Program Information

MONDAY 22 November 2021Welcome to Country and Conference Opening
KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Ross Bradstock and Rachael Nolan
SYMPOSIUM: Business and biodiversity; insights for ecology and conservation science
SYMPOSIUM: Planning our future; creating biodiverse and functioning urban ecosystems
SYMPOSIUM: Managing, monitoring and modelling mammalian predators
SYMPOSIUM: Practitioners collaborating to restore and rewild landscapes
TUESDAY 23 November 2021KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Navjot Bhullar
SYMPOSIUM: Tailored restoration response: predictions and guidelines for coastal wetland
SYMPOSIUM: Indigenous Ecological Knowledge
SYMPOSIUM: Human behaviour change and the importance of nature connection for humanity’s wellbeing
SYMPOSIUM: Perspectives on environmental-economic accounting in Australia
SYMPOSIUM: Improving the integration of the social sciences into research for conservation challenges
SYMPOSIUM: Forest restoration and recovery
WEDNESDAY 24 November 2021KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: AERA Award Winner Presentation, Euan Ritchie
KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: New Zealand Te Tohu Taiao Presentation, George Perry
WORKSHOP: Writing for Publication
WORKSHOP: A beginners guide to data analysis and visualisation in R for ecologists in the EcoCommons’ cloud
WORKSHOP: Empowering Indigenous land managers to use digital technologies to help monitor and manage Country
WORKSHOP: Selection criteria and the hidden job market; removing the invisibility cloak
WORKSHOP: Using the EcoCommons platform to run species distribution models and make climate projections
WORKSHOP: Long live ecology – the case for an Australian long-term ecological research (LTER) Community of Practice
THURSDAY 25 November 2021KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: ESA Next Generation Ecologist, Heather Neilly
SYMPOSIUM: Ecosystem recovery and the forgotten elements of fire regimes; how ecosystems respond to changes in fire season, extent and severity
SYMPOSIUM: Remote sensing in ecology
SYMPOSIUM: Engaging the community in the science and stories of nature through science-arts collaborations
SYMPOSIUM: Renewal or reimagination? What we learned teaching ecology in unusual times
SYMPOSIUM: Using soil microbes to restore, regrow and rewild
FRIDAY 26 November 2021KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Katherine Moseby
KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Michael-Shawn Fletcher
SYMPOSIUM: Vegetation information supporting classification and mapping – road to recovery
SYMPOSIUM: Advances in genomics for ecology
SYMPOSIUM: PF-FIRE: Past fire frequency and intensity reconstruction
ESA President’s Address: Bek Christensen
2020 Fundamental Ecology Award Presentation, Isaac Towers
2020 Applied Forestry Scholarship Presentation, Ebony Potts

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