Guidelines for Presenters – During the Conference

Presenters are required to be online for the duration of their session, as attendees are able to text chat questions during sessions.

Each session will conclude with live Q&A with the Session Chair and all presenters in that session. Attendees will type questions that will be moderated by the Session Chair.

All attendees are encouraged to make use of the Meeting Hub to connect with fellow attendees. This is a useful tool for further one-on-one discussion outside of the session, or to answer more detailed questions in full.

Using the OnAir Virtual Conference Portal

As a virtual presenter, there are quite a few things to remember and prepare for!

When you login to the OnAir Portal, you will see a timeline view, which includes a personalised timeline of sessions, functions and any one-on-one meetings that you may have scheduled with exhibitors and/or other attendees. You’ll also see a link to the Resource Gallery (posters), the Virtual Exhibition and the Meeting Hub.

As a presenter, you can enter your session at any time, where you can preview your session at any time.

1. Session Details (at the top of your presenter view – you’ll see the title, time, status, start rehearsal button, and you can JOIN as a Session Chair or Panelist

2. Join as Session Chair or Panelist
Selecting Joins as Session Chair / Panelist will start your session in Zoom. Ideally, you will need 2 screens – one for the zoom screen, and the other with the OnAir panel. This way, you can easily keep an eye on the Live Q&A during the session.

3. Session Timer (at the top right corner of Presenter View). This timer shows your session countdown, and upcoming session timings

4. Live Q&A
Live Q&A is a powerful question management system where you can view incoming questions from attendees.

• Clicking on the star moves the question to the top
• Clicking on the checkmark (tick) will move the question to the answered tab
• Clicking on the pencil lets you enter an answer to a question and automatically move it to the answered tab
• Clicking on the trash icon will remove the question from the system


5. Preview Panel
The preview panel gives you two preview options that you can use to preview your session:
• Show Attendee View displays a thumbnail screen of what attendees will view while in your session. (Please note that if you are a session chair or panelist, it is not recommended to use this option as the two audio tracks can be confusing).
• Show Preview is a way for you to take a quick preview of what your current broadcasted screen would look like to an attendee

6. Discussion Forum
The discussion forum is a chat function for both you and attendees to use before or during your presentation.

7. Presenter Chat
If you have more than one presenter in your session, you can use Presenter Chat to have casual chat conversations before or during your session.

8. Control Room Chat
Tech staff will be in the virtual Control Room. This chat lets you have a chat conversation with the people keeping an eye on your session.


When your session is live, you will see different things happening in your presenter view. While activity may be occurring on the far right, such as Discussion Forum or chats, you will want to keep your eye on the main area of your presenter view which are showing:
• Your Session Live Indicator and the time, showing the remaining time for your session
• Live questions appearing in the Live Q&A Panel. When you are answering questions, you may need to check the questions you have already answered

Below are two videos we thought may be helpful as you prepare for your ‘virtual presenter’ role.