ESA2021 Scavenger Hunt

Take photos of your scavenger hunt items and post them on Twitter, Instagram (publicly viewable account) or Facebook with the hashtag #FindESAus21. Entries must contain the #FindESAus21 hashtag and will close at 2pm Friday 26 November. A scoreboard will be updated and shared throughout the week and winners will be announced in the final session of ESA2021. Prizes will be awarded to first, second and third-place getters.

Photo scavenger hunt items: (One point per item, bonus points awarded for creativity. Caption species names, location, and explanation where appropriate. Don’t forget the #ESAus21 hashtag!)

  1. Food you wouldn’t find in a supermarket 
  2. A photo of your younger self showing clear signs of becoming an ecologist
  3. An invertebrate you are fond of 
  4. A lovely leaf 
  5. Your favourite 2021 lockdown companion (doesn’t have to be alive)
  6. An iconic spot in your city 
  7. Weirdest taxa you’ve ever photographed 
  8. Drawing of yourself at work 
  9. A novel you enjoy which has an ecological twist 
  10. Some cool dirt/regolith/rocks
  11. Interesting eyes 
  12. Post the ESA 2022 calendar image for your birthday month
  13. Screenshot of updated details & professional information in the ESA membership system (omit personal information) *two points*

Ecological things (one point per post):

  1. Something wet
  2. Something orange
  3. Something shiny
  4. Something hairy
  5. Something with two legs
  6. Something with a particularly long tail

Written scavenger hunt items (one point per post):

  1. Something ecological you learnt just this year 
  2. A genus and species name you like and why 
  3. A short note on an key point from a talk given today (one allowed every day of the conference)