Carbon offset

Your $30 (inc GST) contribution will be used to purchase carbon credits from Arnhem Land Fire Abatement (ALFA). When you register to attend ESA2021, you will have the option to make a voluntary carbon offset contribution.

Across Arnhem Land, in the remote tropical savannas of northern Australia, Aboriginal Traditional Owners and rangers utilise customary fire knowledge to accomplish highly sophisticated landscape scale fire management. This work is resourced through their engagement with the carbon market and the savanna burning methodology.

Arnhem Land Fire Abatement (ALFA) NT Ltd ( is the entirely Aboriginal-owned and not-for-profit carbon farming business created by Aboriginal Traditional Owners in Arnhem Land to support their engagement with the carbon industry. Membership of ALFA is open to Aboriginal people who have customary responsibilities for those parts of Arnhem Land under active bushfire management.

All funds generated from the sale of ALFA’s carbon credits (Australian Carbon Credit Units) are applied to the transparent objectives of the company and reinvested back into the community-based Aboriginal ranger groups providing local employment while preserving culture and the environment.

ALFA currently supports nine Aboriginal ranger groups consisting of Traditional Owners and their families to operate the five ALFA fire projects. Collectively, these groups manage an area of over 80,000 km2 encompassing rugged sandstone escarpments, monsoon rainforest, intact riparian ecosystems, floodplains, remote coastal regions and vast expanses of savanna.