ESA Mentoring program

The ESA is scoping the potential for a pilot mentoring program for Early Career Ecologists, to begin in 2022.

Based on a recent survey, we already know that members are interested in an ESA delivered mentoring program that is directed towards academia and industry-based career pathways. However, we’d now like to hear more from you on how such a program should be best delivered.

  • What would make a mentor program of value to you?
  • What key issues would you like the program to address?
  • Do you want a structured or an informal approach to mentoring?
  • Would you like one-on-one mentoring? Or would you like group mentoring (2-3 mentees to 1 mentor)?
  • Would you like the ESA to do the matching, or would you prefer to choose your own mentor?
  • What incentives would prompt you to sign up as a mentor?
  • Would you like to do face-to-face mentoring (if possible in 2022), completely online mentoring, or a hybrid model of mentoring (combination of online and face-to-face if restrictions allow)?
  • Would you be open to co-mentoring with another mentor (2 mentors to 1 mentee) as a way to be involved but with a lesser time commitment on your end?

To help us answer these, and other, questions please register your attendance at one of two lunchtime workshops that will be run during ESA2021

Tuesday 23rd November 1pm-2pm – for potential mentees

Thursday 25th November 1pm-2pm – for potential mentors (from academia and industry)

Please note that signing up to these workshops as a ‘potential’ mentee or mentor does not commit you to participation in the mentoring program itself, it is simply an opportunity for you to give us your thoughts and ideas.

If you have any queries regarding the workshops or mentoring please contact us at